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Meet our Digital Marketing Team - Your success is our success...

All of our team are completely results driven.  We understand that our success is completely dependent on your success and for you to be successful, all elements of your Internet Marketing solution need to work hand in hand. 

  • There is no point in our Graphic design team designing a georgeous looking site if no one can find it. 
  • There is no point in our search engine marketing (SEM) team driving lots of traffic to your site with their Search engine optimisation, paid search or Display advertising efforts if the website doesn't generate leads for your business.
  • Our copywriter understands that the content on the website needs to be compelling enough to get the visitor to take the next step, be that making an online booking, buy a product or service online, sign up to a customer loyalty programme, download a white paper or simply lift the phone and call you!
  • Our Email Marketing team understand that you need to build a loyal customer following - It not just about blasting out email messages just because we can.  It is about segmenting your customer database and tailoring the email message so your customers are receiving information that they are genuinely interested in
  • The Social Media team understands that although the website is typically the engine for your internet Marketing efforts your company needs to engage directly with its target market in an online conversation.
  • Finally our analytics team understand that they hold all the chips when it comes to analysing your Digital Marketing ResultsIf you can't measure results, how can you improve them!

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