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What is Webscan?

WebScan is a unique tool for analysing and improving websites. Exclusive to WSI, WebScan can identify  the strengths and weaknesses of any website and advise how to improve them.

  • Is your website working for your business?
  • Have you updated your website content recently?
  • Have you analysed your competitors websites?
  • Do you know how the search engines see your website?
The Webscan report identifies areas in your website that require attention and provides recommendations on how to fix any issues it finds.

You can compare your website to your competitor's - You can learn from things they are doing well and exploit areas where they are performing badly.

Most importantly the report is in plain english so you don't need to be a techie to understand it.

What does it test?

There are over 30 tests in total including spelling, broken links, speed, optimisation of keywords and much more.  Individual tests include:
  • Test search engine optimisation and performance
  • Check accessibility and compliance
  • Spell check an entire website
  • Detect technical problems
  • And much more

Who uses Web Scan?

The technology behind WebScan was originally developed for FORTUNE 100 companies to test thousands of high-profile websites worldwide. WSI has since acquired exclusive access to this technology and use it as part of our Internet Business Analysis.   

WebScan is now used to test over 10,000 websites each month in over 10 countries. The technology continues to be used by a huge range of websites, from corporations to small businesses, and is updated monthly with the latest in best practice.

How do I order a Web Scan for my Website?

You need to provide us with the web address for any sites you wish to test.  

We also need to understand the ‘keywords’ that your website is aiming to score highly for in Google and other search engines. We recommend you choose 10 - 15 of these – if you need some help with this you can shoot us an email to

We then need to setup and run your reports.  We’ll include instructions on how to login to view your online reports, and how to use your online reports.

How much does Webscan cost?

The bronze version of WebScan is completely FREE.

We also offer three different paid versions that provide a more detailed analysis of your website and your competitor's website.  In addition to the report, on all of the paid versions you get access to the online Webscan tool which enables you to drill down to the detailed results for a particular report.  You also get a follow-up phone call from one of our team to explain the results to you.

The different versions of WebScan are summarised in the following table:

What is included

 Bronze The bronze version of WebScan provides a summary analysis of the website's performance and highlights areas that need attention.  This free version of the report shows the top 10 results of each test.  The report is emailed to you in PDF format

 Silver The Silver version of WebScan provides all of the features of the Bronze version PLUS:
  • Provides detailed analysis of ALL results of each Test
  • A follow-up phone call from one of our team to explain the results
  • Access to an online version of the report where you can drill down to the detailed results of each test

 € 95
 Gold The Gold version of WebScan provides all of the features of the Silver version PLUS:
  • A detailed analysis of one of your competitor's websites

 Platinum The Platinum version of WebScan provides all of the features of the Gold version PLUS:
  • A detailed analysis of three of your competitor's websites


Order your Webscan

To order a webscan for your website please complete the form below.  Once you’ve reviewed your report, you may have questions, or just want advice on what you can do next.  Give us a buzz on +353 (0) 1 885 1759 or shoot us an email to We’re here to help!

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We will send you your free report by email.  If you select a paid version of Webscan you will receive an electonic invoice by email which you can pay online.  Once payment has been processed you will receive your detailed report and access to the online version of Webscan.

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