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What will it take to get your message to "go viral"?

To help answer this question we have teamed up with Yovia and use their Social Media engine to perform a "Social Velocity Evaluation".  Before investing your marketing budget on a social media strategy it is important to evaluate which strategy is likely to yield the best results.  The Social Velocity Evaluation (SVE) does exactly that.  The SVE is designed to help you maximize awareness and lead generation via all online traffic channels, including Google, Facebook, Digg, MySpace and targeted blogs.

Quality and authenticity are more important than ever before

When we are approached by prospective clients, we recommend a Social Velocity screening to examine their "social" value and relevance and to predict their online success.  The companies with the highest scores are typically those that have quality offerings, relevant messages, and good website content. The Social Velocity Engine is a patent-pending formula with which companies are tested and graded on factors that include online relevance, popularity, messaging, and content. 

Essentially it is an algorithm that predicts whether something is going to “go viral".

Through the 4 Cs of Social Velocity (Content, Connections, Community and Conversion), We can predict whether something will go “viral” and determine what is necessary to help a product or service achieve organic growth.  We look at the sharing of conversation, brand perception, engagement, tone of digital dialogue and relationships, and from there, we determine qualitative results. This is a measurement of the community’s involvement.

The 4 C’s of Social Velocity

  • Content: Which types of content will generate the most “buzz” online?
  • Connections: Which networks should you create, who should you connect with, and how many connections do you need?
  • Community: Will people talk about your message?
  • Conversion: What is the cost of each “conversion” through Social Networks?

5 steps in the Social Velocity Evaluation

Step One: We write a social review. We tailor your message to have the highest probability of getting picked up by Social Networks.

Step Two: Your Fidget goes live. We create a custom Fidget for you that blasts your message to our network on Facebook, blogs and Myspace.

Step Three: You get a social traffic burst - one million Social Network impressions, sending traffic through the Fidget to your landing page and, ultimately, to your website.

Step Four: We measure and score your Social Velocity.

Step Five: We conduct a qualitative review.
  • How was your offer rated on social networks?
  • How “viral” did your offer go?
  • What kinds of comments did your offer get?
  • What other data points did we gather?

What do you get at the end of the evaluation?

Based on demand from our clients we have two types of evaluation on offer.  The first is aimed at smaller businesses and the second is for larger corporates where we need to undertake a market analysis and brand blast to get the best results from the evaluation.

In both cases the SVE is run over a ten day period.

The main purpose of the the evaluation is to identify a Social Media strategy that will work for your company.  However as part of the campaign we will build targeted traffic to your website and we will generate real leads and orders.  The blogs that we write and the landing page and fidgets that we design as part of the campaign will stay in place after the campaign has ended.  This means that you will experience residual traffic long after the campaign has ended - Remember - the end result of Social Velocity, is orgranic, viral growth.

Your campaign keeps producing even when you stop spending.

Social Velocity Evaluation (Small Business)
Social Velocity Evaluation  (Corporate)
  • 150,000 impressions (minimum) across Facebook, Blogosphere, StumbleUpon & Yovia
  • 350,000 impressions across Facebook, Blogosphere, StumbleUpon & Yovia
  •  Blog with minimum of 6 posts
  • Blog with minimum of 10 posts
  •  Review on Yovia’s Buzz Blog
  • Review on Yovia’s Buzz Blog
  •  Test up to 2 messages (A/B Fidget test)
  • Test up to 4 messages (2 A/B Fidget tests)
  •  Social Velocity Scorecard and Draft Strategy
  • Social Velocity Scorecard and Draft Strategy

If you would like to learn more please download our whitepaper on "The value of Social velocity" or contact us for more information.

Social Media - The value of Social Velocity Social Media - The value of Social Velocity (349 KB)

You can find other whitepapers on Social Media by visiting our Knowledge Centre.

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