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Search Engine Marketing

People are searching for your product or service - Are they finding your website? 

All too often companies spend their online marketing budget on the design of their new website.  Of course design is important, but there is no point in designing a fantastic website if nobody gets to see it!  Lets assume that the overall objective of your website is to generate leads - Considering that the conversion rate for an average website runs at 1-2%, this means that you need aproximately 100 visitors to get 1-2 leads

If your goal is to generate 20 leads a month you need to have approximately 1,500 people visit your website

How do you generate this sort of volume?  Of course you can include the website address in all your offline advertising and customer communications and we recommend that you do this.  However one of the best sources of targeted traffic to your website is from the search engines. Here are some reasons why:
  • Search is still the most popular activity that people perform on the web with 84% of all internet users engaged in searching - This is higher than the number of people using email (81%) and Social media at 49%
  • It is based on "pull" advertising.  Traditional advertising methods such as TV, radio and print are all forms of "Push" advertising - With push advertising you are broadcasting a general marketing message to everyone in the hope that you will reach your target market.  However with Search engine marketing, you are advertising to people who are actually looking for your product or service so your opportunity to convert this audience is much higher
  • Rather than broadcasting a generic marketing message you have an opportunity to be much more targeted.  For example, lets say  you are an accounting practice with a different service offering for tradesmen and professionals - If a plumber is searching for "accounting for plumbers" you can bring them to a page that is all about the accounting issues specific to plumbers.  In other words your message can be much more targeted and therefore relevant to different segments of your target market

What is a conversion?

Before we start looking at the different types of Search Engine Marketing, lets define what a website conversion is.  Before engaging in any type of "traffic generation" tactics you need to decide on the overall objective for your website -

There is no point in paying for visitors until you are clear on what you want them to do when they reach your website.

For example, are you using it as a tool to build brand awareness or do you want to generate leads?  The conversion goal needs to be measurable so you can evaluate how well your online marketing campaign is performing.  Here are some examples of conversion goals:

  • Request for a consultation
  • Make an online booking
  • Sign-up for your customer loyalty programme
  • Buy a product
  • Download a PDF
  • Subscribe to your blog
  • watch a video
  • Visit your facebook page
  • Simply lift the phone and call your company
Learn more about the differnt types of Search Engine Marketing

We have written number of white papers on the subject which you can download from our Knowledge Centre.  To make life easier we have hand picked the white papers we think you might be most interested in - You can download them directly by clicking on the appropriate link below:

  • Don't Leave Your Money On The Table - Your Guide To Paid Search - Download now
  • Make Sure Your Company is Visible on Google with Search Engine Optimisation - Download now

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