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Are your customers ignoring you?

Use online promotions to get your message heard

With the advent of Web 2.0 and Social Media channels like Facebook, twitter and You Tube there is a huge opportunity to engage directly with your target audience. 

However this also brings its challenges. 

Marketers continually need to look for new ways to promote their offers and keep their audiences engaged

Here are some ideas you can consider for running online promotions.  Depending on your industry, some types of promotions will work better than others.  When we are evaluating a promotion for a client we always start with a social velocity evaluation.  This gives us a sneak preview as to how the online communities interact with the client's brand and enables us to select a promotion that will achieve results.


Online contests

Contests are a great way to engage your target audience.  The great thing about a contest is that the user generates the content.  You can get the user to upload a video, a photograph or a text testimonial.  Your company can judge the winner or you can have the public vote on their preference.  This is a great way to get people involved and stimulate a two-way conversation.  All entries and comments can be moderated so rude or inappropriate entries can be avoided.  Depending on the requirement we can run these contests on Facebook, You Tube or on your own website.


People love getting discounts or freebies.  Providing vouchers or coupons as a reward to your loyal followers is a great way to keep your brand top of mind with your customers.  This works really well with your email marketing campaigns especially as a mechanism to increase offline sales.  It can really help increase foot fall to your store where the customer will redeem the online coupon or voucher.


A quiz is a great way to interact with your Facebook audience.  You can decide on the format that best fits your target market - It can be serious or funny.  The facebook visitor takes your quiz challenge and answers the questions.  The overall result is then posted on their own Facebook page where their friends can see it.  The friends in turn are encouraged to take the quiz and this provides a "viral" aspect to the promotion


The concept is not new but it works really well with an "online twist". A visitor to your website or your Facebook page is encouraged to take part in your sweepstakes.  It can be very straight forward in that they simply provide their contact email address and their name is put forward for a grand draw where the winner or winners are pulled out of a hat.  This is a great tactic for getting new subscribers into your email marketing list.  After the sweepstakes you can market them directly with email promotions

Product Giveaways

It truely is amazing what people will do to win.  Some of the most successful promotions we have run for clients have been contests where the grand prize is an ipod nano!  Another great prize is to to giveaway your product or service to the lucky winner.  In addition to keeping the prize costs low it also helps promote your brand.

For more information on how you can best engage with your online audience or to identify online promotions that will work best for your business, contact our team for an intial consultation.

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