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If you can't measure results, how can you improve them?

We all know that marketing invoves testing, testing and more testing.  Companies typically try several different types of marketing campaigns - Marketers then repeat what works well and drop campaigns that yield poor results

The one drawback is that you have to wait to see the impact on sales before making that decision - Then you are never 100% sure what has worked and what hasn't - Are some recent leads or sales really residual leads from an old campaign or can they be attributed to your new campaign? 

"Having to wait" before measuring results is a costly exercise.

One of the main benefits of online marketing is that all aspects of the campaign are measurable.  Within days or even hours of launching a new campaign you can start analysing the results.  The other benefit is that you can then continually "tweak" the campaign to make improvements.   Imagine trying to do this this with a Print campaign or a TV / Radio campaign.  The costs of making small changes once the campaign has started are simply prohibitive so you don't do it!

Don't measure hits, measure results!

Providing accurate analytics data on your online campaigns is reasonably straight forward although the effort involved in setting this up is often understated.  Typically analytics tracking (usually Google Analytics) gets added to a website as an after thought. 

However if you don't tag your campaigns correctly then you don't get reliable results.  Also its not just about tagging your website.  You also need to consider all your other marketing channels such as:
  • Email Marketing - Is your Email campaign working? Do your readers find your newsletters interesting?  What is the open rate of the email and which articles are getting the most interest?  Are readers clicking through to the website?  Are they downloading and printing the coupon?
  • Facebook - If you don't have a facebook badge on your website then you should have!  How many web visitors are also visiting your facebook page?  How many Facebook fans are visiting your website - Where are they going, are they signing up for your special offer?
  • YouTube - Do you have your company videos on YouTube?  Are viewers interested in your video?  Are they playing it to the end or are they closing it down after a few seconds.  Are YouTube visitors coming to your Website or your Facebook page?
  • Sharing is caring - Do you have a share button on your website? Are people sharing a page they find interesting on their facebook page or forwarding it by email?
  • Analysing traditional off-line campaigns - Is this possible? Yes in some cases it is.  Let's say you are running an outdoor advertising campaign.  You can track the results of this online by referencing a "campaign URL".  This is a web address that is specific to the campaign you are running rather than your company name.  For example we are running a campaign for a client called "What makes you smile on the inside".  We registered a campaign URL called  You can then track visitors who type in that web address or search for it on Google and you now know the campaign that these visitors came from

Analysis Paralysis

Many of our competitors think that it's all about providing their clients with an arsenal of analytics each month.  They dazzle clients with how clever they are to provide so many graphical statistics (most of them generated automatically from a software programme!).  We disagree with this approach.  In fact once you know what you're doing, producing analytical information is the easy part.  The critical piece is interpreting these results to make sound business decisions.

Our promise to you - Why WSI are different?

Our value proposition to you is that everything we do is about driving business results.  Our logic is - "If you are successful then we will be successful".  So how does this relate to analytics?  The reports we provide each month are not computer generated.  Of course we use all of the statistics generated by analytics programmes like Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics (they have an analytics programme in beta), You Tube analytics, Google adwords (Pay per click) and email marketing...

BUT... We present them to you in a format that makes sense to you

We agree a report format up front that is specific to your business and we include an Executive Summary that highlights the metrics we have agreed to track.  More importantly we will include our recommendations on changes we would suggest making for the following month.  We typically review these reports with you face-to-face each month or if it is more convenient we can do it via conference call. 

We insist on reviewing results with you every single month

or on a short term campaign we may need to do this on a weekly basis... To learn more about how we operate visit our consulting page or contact us for more information.

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The ability to measuring results of your marketing campaigns is one of the greatest benefits of online marketing over traditional advertising.  Need to know where to start?

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