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The Importance of Segmentation

A Key concept for any successful Email Marketing strategy is Segmentation. 

"To be more specific, customers today expect or even demand relevancy"

If what you’re trying to communicate doesn’t connect with them and their issues in a split second, you’ve lost them. Knowing who your customers are and what they need is a requirement and anticipating what they want and providing value at the right time, place and format is what is needed to be successful.

What is segmentatation and how do I use it?

When we relate it to Email Marketing, segmentation is about categorising your distribution list and then tailoring your email messages to each specific category.  For example if you have an offer that would suit a "thirty something" type audience you would segment your list according to age.  Over time you can capture more and more information from your subscribers so you start to build a more accurate picture of their persona.  When you send out newsletters, we recommend breaking down the content into individual topics.  Using our analytics system we can then see which articles are of most interest to your readers.  This serves two purposes:
  • You can concentrate on the more popular topics in future newsletters and
  • You can further analyse which subscribers are interested in specific offers and use this information to further segment the types of information they recieve from you going forward.

Trends in Email Marketing

E-mail is a well-tested marketing tool, but rising volume and cluttered inboxes mean marketers must find ways to stay relevant to consumers.

The “Email Marketing Industry Census 2010” from Econsultancy and Adestra found that while most marketers worldwide were using basic segmentation techniques and cleansing their e-mail lists regularly, other advanced e-mail practices were followed by only a minority of respondents.

Marketers were planning to adopt more techniques, including advanced segmentation (42%), personalisation (37%) and behavioral targeting (34%).

These are the same methods respondents to a survey from GetResponse said they would use to attract consumers’ attention this year.

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