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Different types of display ads

Display advertising provides a great opportunity to leverage creative design to produce engaging online visuals.

When creating display ads you need to think of the different places online that the the ad will appear.  Most pushishers selling advertising space online adhere to the standards laid down by  the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).  The IAB is comprised of more than 375 leading media and technology companies who are responsible for selling 86% of online advertising in the United States.

The three most common ad sizes that appear on websites are the leaderboard, the skyscraper and the medium rectangle as illustrated below.

The Skyscraper & medium rectangle

Facebook Advertising

For clients who are looking to keep their brands "top of mind" we recommend that they include display marketing as part of their overall digital marketing strategy.  Our creative team will produce the online adverts and place them on appropriate websites that will reach your target market.  As with all aspects of  your internet marketing we will track the number of impressions that each ad receives and identify the contribution to the overall return on invetment.

Another channel for display advertising is Facebook.  It is possible to display ads to Facebook users and target specific audiences by filtering by country, demographics such as gender, age, language and other criteria such as level of education and interests.

There are over 1.5 million facebook users in Ireland and 1.4 of these are over the age of 18.  With 679,920 of these users over the age of 30, this is definitely not just a channel for targeting the younger demographic!

Contact us now to learn more about how we can help you put a display advertising campaign together.  Unlike TV, radio or print advertising the entry cost is very affordable and the great thing is that you have an opportunity to change the marketing message during the campaign if you are not getting the expected results.

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