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Writing copy for the web - Its more than just words

When we talk about websites we often hear the phrase "Content is king".  Internet Marketing is all about having a well defined strategy, executing the plan and then measuring the results for continuous improvement.

Copywriting has a significant role to play in formulating this strategy as it forms part of almost every online marketing initiative.  The biggest mistake that companies tend to make is that they take their existing marketing collatoral and post it as content on the web.

People read differently on the web

  • In fact most people don’t actually read on the Internet...they scan.
  • They see headlines, bullet points and graphics.
  • Headlines should refer back to what the visitor was looking at before they landed on your page.
  • Only about 20% of your visitors will actually read the body copy... still, it has to be good (less is more).
  • Don’t forget the call to action! Its a good idea to match up the call to action with the headline since that is typically the one element on the page that the visitor will read.
When writing web copy, you need to consider that visitors to your website are often at different stages of the buying cycle.  Copy should offer strong calls to action to buy now but also cater for the person who is doing their initial research. 

Get them to sign up for your newsletter or at least bookmark your site so they can come back to you later. Would you like to sign up to our newsletter to receive regular online marketing tips (Now we're being cheeky...but only to illustrate the point!)

Its not just about Web Copy

You also need to consider other areas of your online marketing campaign which require copy to be written, such as:

  • Landing Pages
  • Blogging
  • Text ad copy for Pay Per Click campaigns
  • Display advertising - copy for online ads
  • Email marketing - Newsletters & Special Offers
  • Online Article writing

Don't forget about the search engines

Your primary audience is the human visitor that comes to your website and it is important to make sure that the website content contains the appropriate message that you want this visitor to hear (or read!)

However you also need to consider what the search engines are looking for.  The main search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) send out their robots througout the web to crawl through the millions of websites in an effort to index and categorise these web pages. 

Using search engine optimisation (SEO) tools it is important to make this process easy for the search engine robots.  The meta data for each page needs to be updated to provide the search engines with an overview of what the page is about.  If you tell them that the page is all about "carribean holidays" then when people are searching for "Carribean holidays" the page is more likely to be found.

Google also looks at the content on the page.  How many times is the phrase "carribean holidays" used within the content?  We refer to this as "Keyword density".  When our copywriter writes content on behalf of our clients we ensure that the copy is optimised for SEO purposes.

Another point to consider is the amount and frequency of the content that you add to your website.  If you have over 100 pages of content, Google assumes that this is a "resource" site and this helps with the ranking process.  In terms of frequency it is better to write "little and often".

We have written a whitepaper on content development which we hope you find useful

A guideline for content development A guideline for content development (106 KB)

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