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Online Marketing - Tying it all together

One of the challenges marketers face is that there are lots of options when it comes to marketing their business online. 

You Can:

  • Build a new website or improve your existing site so it converts more visitors into leads
  • Optimise your website so it ranks better on the search engines
  • Run an online advertising campaign on Google where you pay for clicks
  • Build specific landing pages on your website so you deliver the right message to the right audience
  • Leverage Social Media channels such as Facebook, Linked in and You Tube so you can communicate with your customers and prospects. 
  • Write compelling newsletters to keep your company "top of mind" with your online subscribers and perhaps send them special offers to show how much you value their business
.... and of course you know you should be blogging - certainly everyone you meet these days seems to be talking about it!

You need to have an Internet Marketing Strategy

All of the internet marketing activities referenced above are great tactics to use in your online marketing efforts but the key point is that they are exactly that - tactics - To get the best "bang for your buck" you need to have an overall Internet Marketing strategy that has very clear objectives.

If your objective is to grow the number of leads in the business by 20% you then need to put together a strategy that will achieve that goal.  Alternatively, your objective may be to be build brand awareness, introduce a new product to the market or conduct some online research for your mainstream marketing efforts.  Both types of objective are perfectly valid for an online marketing campaign but the tactics used to achieve each of these objectives may be different.

When we start working with a new client we start by identifying these objectives and then put together an online marketing plan that makes good business sense.  We are not interested in one off projects where we build a website and then walk away, instead our goal is to partner with our clients as a trusted advisor.  We meet regularly and measure our results against your objectives.  We insist on measuring everything and use these results to make improvements month on month.

Who pays for this consulting?

Your Customer does - indirectly of course!  We know that if our clients don't see any value coming out of their online marketing efforts then we won't be around for very long.  Conversely, if the online marketing plan continues to achieve your objectives, then it makes sense to continue to invest in it.

Our Consulting Process

As a starting point we conduct an Internet Business Analysis to learn about your business and your company's key selling points - In other words we listen!  We will analyse your company's existing online campaigns to determine how effective they are.  From a technical perspective we use our WebScan tool to review your website to determine if there are any areas that need improvement.  We use our Social Media barometer tools to see how "social" your company is and to review your online reputation.  Next we look at your competitors to see what they are doing - It is often a good idea to replicate what they are doing well and exploit things they are doing badly.  We will research keywords that people are using to find your website to determine how your website is ranking for these keywords and to determine how this compares against your competitors.

Finally based on the data we have gathered during our Internet Business Analysis we will put together a set of recommendations that will help you reach your online marketing goals.  Rather than trying to start everything at once we will help you put together a plan with a realistic timeline for rolling out each new initiative.

To learn more about our approach please contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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