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What is display advertising

Display advertising is really "Push" advertising and is more closely aligned with traditional advertising models than it is with search marketing.  With display advertising you are "displaying" ads in places where you expect your target market to gather. 

Display ads are a great way to drive awareness for your brand

It is important to remember that the primary goal for display advertising is not necessarily to drive click throughs to your website.  Instead the objective is to get people to become aware of your brand and associate your brand with a specific marketing message.

By increasing brand recognition, you should expect to see an increase in searches for your brand.  This is where the web surfer starts to become familiar with your brand and searches for it directly in Google and other search engines.  Display advertising complements your search marketing campaigns and when used in conjunction with pay per click techniques, it can often increase your conversion rate by up to 20%.

Unlike traditional media such as TV, print and radio it is possible to use the following methods to target your specific market:

  • Geographic targeting – displays your ad to consumers in your geographic location.
  • Demographic targeting – displays your ad to the right consumer based on their age, income, gender, etc.
  • Endemic targeting – displays your ad to consumers who are on specific sites relevant to your business type.
  • Contextual targeting – displays your ad to consumers on sites featuring content related to your business type.
  • Behavioral targeting – displays your ad to consumers who have shown recent online behaviors and interests that are relevant to your business type.
  • Remarketing – displays your ad to consumers who have previously visited your site in order to recapture their interest.
  • Engagement-based optimisation – displays your ad to consumers on sites that our technology identifies as being most cost-effective in bringing people to your business.

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