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Here are some of the team members that will work with you on your Internet Marketing campaigns.  Visit our team overview page to learn why we are completely results driven!

Cormac Farrelly - Digital Marketing Consultant

Cormac is a Digital Marketing Strategist.  He is at his best  when helping executives, business owners and entrepreneurs understand how to take advantage of digital marketing technologies to support their business objectives. 

Cormac directs an agile team of creative, analytical and technical professionals to develop strategically relevant digital assets and a powerful social “footprint” for his clients.  Prior to setting up WSI’s Ireland Office, he has worked with leading global corporations such as Oracle, PeopleSoft and BearingPoint. 

When Cormac isn't helping his clients with their digital marketing strategy, or speaking about the latest digital marketing trends at some event he loves to sail - In fact WSI sponsored an entry in the Round Ireland Yacht Race.

Donal O'Sullivan - Search Engine Marketing Specialist

Donal hails from Kerry in the west of Ireland and is our in-house Search Engine Marketing specialist.With over 4 years of experience Donal has worked with many small to medium enterprises, locally and internationally. Through his vast and diverse SEO, search engine marketing, social media and internet marketing experience he has successfully increased the online visibility and sales of clients in all industries.  He uses our leading edge search engine optimisation techniques to increase organic traffic and is continually monitoring Googles algorithm

Donal also has an interest in online Video which isn't too surprising considering he has a first class honours Bsc degree in Multi-media.  This comes in handy when he is optimising client videos to improve search rankings and syndiating videos across online video networks.

Deirdre Miller - Digital Marketing Account Manager

With over ten years’ experience developing and implementing marketing strategies, Deirdre quickly gets to grips with a client overall marketing strategy and understands what online initiatives would best suit their objectives.

From social media to promotional games, she is our viral guru and is highly effective in building a buzz around anything. However, there is nothing more important to her than solid results! She strives to ensure metrics have been put in place for all our clients so they can see that their money is being put to work for them. Whether the goal is to increase your subscriber distribution list or your Fanbase, by continuously monitoring analytics, she can tweak campaigns for the best results. Deirdre leverages her international marketing experience and WSI’s global network to deliver online marketing campaigns for our Irish and UK clients in non-English speaking markets. This is not a translation exercise, it’s about understanding the requirements for each market and then establishing an online marketing campaign that will get results in that market - Mind you it does help that Deirdre (a native English speaker) is fluent in German, French, Italian and Spanish as well as Irish!

When not chattering on Facebook and creating excitement around a client’s current promotion, Deirdre likes to spend her time cycling around Dublin and travelling to practise her multi-lingual skills.

Linda Dinelle - Conversion Architect

As our conversion architecture specialist, Linda understands that designing a website is not just about creating a pretty picture!  She uses our information architecture questionaire to learn more about your business and design a website structure that suits your target audience. This architecture is completed before handing the design brief over to Danny who adds the splash of colour.  With Linda its all about conversion rates and there is nothing she likes better than to see this percentage increase as a result of a well designed website or landing page.

Catriona Murphy - Social Media Evangelist

Catriona is a recent Marketing graduate with a keen interest in Social Media and online Marketing. With a natural flair for writing she can quickly produce engaging content on any topic from travel to trucks and produces regular blogs and online articles for our clients. As you might expect, she is happiest when managing our clients social media accounts and is well versed in the dark arts of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and running online promotions.

Social Media aside, she is also well versed in Conversion Architecture and understands the importance of building engaging web pages that will help achieve the client’s goals When it comes to making changes to a client’s website, Catriona is the “go-to” person and can whip our Content Management System into shape.

In the offline world you are likely to find Catriona writing short stories, or be warned - engaged in mortal combat, as she is training for a black belt in Karate!

Yvonne Tawney - Email Marketing

From list building, to creative design, Yvonne can make your email marketing campaigns work for you.  She can help you deliver targeted emails to your loyal customers or prospects with information and special offers that are relevent to them!  Yvonne understands the time sensitivity when sending out newsletters.  She directly manages a small team of designers and typically produces a fully functioning draft newsletter within 24 hours.  Yvonne takes all the hassle out of sending the email and will manage the end to end process from designing the newsletter to managing the distribution lists.  She makes sure all of your email marketing campaigns are compliant with anti-spam legislation and uses the best email practices to make your message clean and crystal clear.  Our email marketing platform has a fully integrated analytics feature which allows us to review important statistics relating to your email marketing campaign such as how many people opened the email, who clicked on a particular link in the email etc.  Yvonne will use this information to advise you on follow-up campaigns so you get the best return on your email marketing budget.

Danny Negru - Graphic Design

Danny works very closely with Linda and when its time for that "pretty picture" he will blow you away with his creative design.  He has the uncanny knack of getting it right first time round but is the first to admit that design is an iterative process and sometimes it takes a number of revisions to get a design finalised.  Danny is a believer when it comes to the importance of incorporating converion architecture into website design and his attention to detail ensures that we are portraying the right image to your target market.

Whether it is a one off landing page, a display ad or a full website design the ball is firmly in Danny's court.

Zuzia Soldenhoff - Thorpe - Social Media campaign manager

Zuzia manages our Social Media campaigns and makes sure your campaigns go 'viral' .  As a Social Media campaign manager, her first objective is to determine how "social" your company is and advise you on a campaign that should deliver the best  results based on your objectives.   Zuzia's favourite metric is social velocity and she conducts all our social velocity evaluations.  Social media initiatives can be just as measurable as search engine marketing and campaigns can be priced based on cost per impression, cost per click or cost per acquisition (e.g. cost per lead).  Not being too cocky, Zuzia usually looks to achieve a 25% (or better) increase in the click-through rate for her client's campaigns.

With a masters in marketing, advertising & International Relations, Zuzia can quite quickly come to grips with a company's overall marketing strategy and ensure that your online initiatves complement your offline campaigns.  When she's not working on all things "social" Zuzia loves to scuba dive and surf.  Maybe thats why we ran a "Surf and Turf" webinar!

Brian Richards - Web Development

Brian is a technical genius.  Once Danny has finalised a design, Brian will "cut" this into our technology platform and bring the website to life.  We leave all of the tricky web stuff like HTML, CSS stylesheets, Javascript, Flash integration, cross browser compatibilty, domain name administration etc to him. 

Several of our projects require us to work with client's existing websites where we don't have any control over the technology..  Brian revels in this challenge and can often teach the client's web person a thing or two in the process.
Kelly Dyer - Online Contest development

Sometimes we need to design custom web applications to deliver results for our clients.  This is where Kelly comes in.  As the chief software architect of the WSI Development Center and with over 12 years of technology leadership experience, Kelly provides the direction in software technology and develops unique and cutting edge solutions both internally and for client engagements. 

Kelly has designed and implemented systems across industries that span from boutique specialty applications to large scale enterprise solutions capable of handling millions of transactions and extensive data-driven services.  

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