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Our Social Media Marketing Services

How do you harness the power of Social Media?

We have run a number of successful campaigns for our clients and mostly through trial and error we have established some useful ground rules on what works and what doesn't.  One of our first challenges was to establish some kind of Yardstick with which to measure results from Social Media Marketing.  When we run Google adwords campaigns, we can measure the campaign's success in terms of click through rates and determine the cost per acquisition of each lead or online sale - We wanted to be able to do something similar with Social Media.

Tactically we help companies with the following practical Social Media Requirements:


Establising a Facebook presence.  

Building a facebook page is pretty straight forward and most companies can do this themselves.  We can help advise on securing a vanity url for your business so your Facebook URL is facebook/yourcompanyname. We can integrate the facebook page with your website so that your web visitors can join the online conversation.  We also help our clients to run specific campaigns and events such as an online contest directly on Facebook. Learn More

Building a branded You Tube Channel for your company

Video is so compelling.  Given a choice, most visitors will click and watch a video.  Not only is it a great tool to engage your web visitors but it also works really well as part of your Search Engine Optimisation strategy.  SEO strategies often take months to yield results but we have experienced fantastic results (sometimes within hours) with a well optimised video. So where should you host your videos?  Where else but You Tube.  You Tube is owned by Google and is now the second biggest search engine (bigger than Yahoo and Bing!).  Visit our video library to learn more about Video marketing and to see some examples of videos we have produced for the web.  We have also written a white paper on Video Marketing which you can download from our knowledge centre.

Are you blogging?

Blogging is a great way to build up a loyal following with your website visitors.  It enables your company to put "a real face" behind your brand and more importantly starts a two-way conversation with your readers.  A sign of a good blog is one with lots of reader responses.  Readers can add a brief comment agreeing or disagreeing with what you say and add in their own "two cents" or "tuppence" worth. This makes the blog even more valuable to the wider readership.  We help companies to setup a blog on their websites using functionality already available in the website's content management system or if that is not an option we can build a blog using wordpress.  We can design the blog so it has the same look and feel as the website.  We typically sit down with our clients and agree a list of blogs that they will write and publish over the coming months.  We can then leverage this great content to improve your website performance on the search engines by optimising the blog post with appropriate keywords and then syndicate this across blog networks on the web.

Short of a few words - try tweeting

Many companies we speak with "don't get" twitter.  Our advice is "if you've got something to say then make sure whoever is listening hears it".  With social networks its not so much about identifying networks that you like but more about identifying networks that your audience likes.  If some of your customers and prospects are using Twitter then your company needs a presence there.  Like Facebook and You Tube, you need to brand your Twitter account with the same look and feel as your website.

Are you Linked in?

LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site mainly used for professional networking with more than 65 million registered users, spanning across 170 industries.  LinkedIn is based on the principle that every person is connected to one another by no more than six degrees of separation from everybody else. In other words, individuals can connect with one another simply by utilizing their network of contacts. And this is where LinkedIn can help business owners and their employees.   Building your own profile is pretty straight forward but if you want to use it for marketing purposes then you need to have a strategy.  We have written a white paper on the subject which you can download.  We also offer training and consulting  on the best way to incorporate linked in to your social media strategy.

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