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What is SEO, PPC and Local search?

There are three main types of Search Engine Marketing:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation, often referred to as SEO, is the process of improving your website so it ranks better on the search engines for particular keywords.  For example if you are in the Van Rental business you want people who are searching for "Van Rental" or "Rental vans" to find your website.  This is where it gets quite competitive.  There are only 10 websites listed on each page of the search results.  The majority of people do not view more than three pages of search results. 

if your website is not ranked in the top 30 for your chosen keyword the liklihood of anyone finding your website is pretty slim

We have put together a whitepaper entitled "Make Sure Your Company is Visible on Google with Search Engine Optimisation" that examines how a company should approach Search Engine Marketing as part of their online marketing strategy .

Paid Search or Pay Per Click

This is a form of online advertising offered by the major search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing).  Essentially you put together a 4 line text ad promoting your offer.  You then bid on specific keywords and when someone searches for one of your keywords, your ad is shown in the search results - the position of the ad depends on the amount you are prepared to pay for an individual click.  When a person clicks on your ad they are brought to your website.

The concept behind Pay per click is quite simple.  However it is very easy to waste your ad budget if your campaign is not targeted. We have written a white paper entitled "Don't leave your money on the table : Your guide to paid search" to provide some tips on the main pitfalls that companies encounter with paid search campaigns.

We are currently running a special offer with our partner Google to introduce new clients to Paid Search - Learn how you can kick start your campaign with a free 100 euro voucher for Google Adwords.

Local Search

One in five searches in Google are from people looking for information specific to a geographic location.  For example they may be looking for a product or service in a particular city such as "accountancy firm in London" or "Heating company in Dublin".  A number of years ago Google launched the local business centre which enabled companies to register their business with a specific location so it would feature in the search results when a searcher added a geographic qualifier to their search string.   A map listing appears as the first "organic" listing on the left hand side of the Google search results.  It typically is the only graphical listing on the page so it is quite compelling and as a result searchers are inclined to click on it. 

More bells and whistles have been added to this function and it was recently relaunched as Google places.  Our clients have had a lot of success with the local business centre so we include it as an element of almost all of our SEO campaigns.  Using analytics we can track how many website visitors can be attributed to the "map".  More importantly we can track the number of conversions (e.g. bookings, enquiries, online sales etc) that came from the map and the results have been great.

  • Don't Leave Your Money On The Table - Your Guide To Paid Search - Download now
  • Make Sure Your Company is Visible on Google with Search Engine Optimisation - Download now

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